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The Everlasting News




Hello There Friends

Well it looks like Rune shall be reuniting in the next week or two, to start working on a few other songs and hopefully we'll try to get a little recording done so we can throw it on the site, who knows, maybe we'll do more than that. That would be super cool.    If you check the lyrics page you can see that we have added more songs, so the next time you see Rune, expect more.

We would also like to thank everyone that has been coming to the site and signing the guestbook. Thank a bunch. 

Yay for Rune




Post Skatepark Show

Well, the skatepark show has come and gone-and I have to say, what a doozey it was. The crowd response was great! and all the feedback we recieved from the local ones was wonderful. Thanks for your support everyone!

With the somewhat succesful show, RUNE's next goal is to finish the cover songs, and prepare 2 more original songs, for the album (which should be out by the end of the year AT THE LATEST)

One of the songs being Calm Beneathe The Dolls
And the new experimental song, The Weaver. (see the lyrics page, just posted them up)

Also, I've added a feedback portion to the site. If you read this, don't just sit there! open your mouth and flap your gums, what do you think of us! And in case you're confused on how the feedback works, simple go to the Visitor Feedback page, type in what you'd like us to hear, and hit enter! it will then automatically email to us, and we can read your wonderful comments! Again-Thanks for all your support!



   Well, it's that time again. New year, new crazy rock band to take the stage

   Almost came to a halt, however...when some discrepency with out rhythm guitarist (Alex Heil) almost reverted us to a power trio; thankfully, Heil is still kick'n the rhythm section off with his guitar, and we can maintain our four-some-goodness. Also we had some band name arguements, but the final lineup consists of-

  RUNE is-
Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar-Will Gorman
Lead Guitars-Wyatt Marsh
Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals-Alex Heil
Lead Drums, Percussion-Tyler Blach

   So with this lineup, RUNE hopes to have a great debut show. We're going to be sharing the stage with local greats Skies Torn Asunder, and Cold January Farewell, big names to live up to. But I'm sure we can pull off something worthy. (At least I'm praying, haha) The show itself, is July 31st at 6:30 PM; at the lakeland area skatepark. Bring all your friends!

  Hope you enjoy the show,


Composure suggestions

July 15th, 2004-

   I've been thinking about Arachnid alot lately, and I was thinking instead of having it be a straight up hard rock power chord song, to throw a little mix in it. Make it more experimental and cool (and of course finish it off)

  What I was thinking to spice it up, make it interesting, is to have an intro. I'll play the intro on the bass if need be-maybe with some harmonics/high end. (See Glass Prison-Dream Theater) then we'd play the chorus w/ no vocals like we normally do, and go into the verse. For the verse I was thinking we could chill on what we had before, maybe just get a choppy drum beat and a little clean guitar/bass riff? While overall remaining kind of laid back and calm, then explode into the chorus. (I have riffs worked out if need be so we can do it in a hurry)

   Then, after we do the verse/chorus 2x, we should have a quiet, short, interlude/bridge. (Perhaps play the intro again) Then a breakdown of the chorus (I'll show you what I mean) and finish it off with the chaotic outro we had going. And for a final touch near the end, play the intro/bridge again, to kinda chill out after the explosive outro.

   And for the actual version of Sticks and Batteries, I think all of us should solo, and eccentricate the "instrumental" aspect of it.  

   These are my thoughts, do what you will with them.


 July 12th, 2004-
  Well, Tyler is in Illinois for the summer, so Wyatt, Alex and I are just kinda waiting around, taking a break from jamming, for tyler to get his ass back up here. We have ambitious plans for next school year, so look to see RUNE spread around the school in no time.

   Personally, I'm itching to get out a CD (or a demo, depending on what we can get done) before school/early into the school year. That way, we could spread a good image about us, before the next Battle of the bands, and gigs in St. Germaine, and whatnot. We should be able to pull off a win at BOTB, seeing as we're one of the only decent playing bands left. (Alot of the good bands, had seniors that graduated and etc.)

   When Tyler gets back, I plan to write out Calm Beneathe the Dolls, and start all the cover songs, then get to recording as fast as we can. If you guys (bandmates, and fans) have any questions about our status, email me at or message me at SystMSe7En on AOL instant messenger.

Thanks a bunch guys,

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