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Will Gorman




    William Gorman was born February 3rd, 19?? To Richard and Felicia Gorman-in DuPage County, Ill. He grew up in the Chicago suburb Lombard, in a relatively safe, calm environment. At an early age, he became obsessed with weather and excelled in science and all biological matter/questioning. He won numerous awards for academic orientated science fair projects, one consisting of an actual, controlled rain simulation. (Yes, he made it rain in a box)

    After a science filled childhood, he started becoming obsessed with Rock n' Roll, from his uncle and friends playing guitar, even to his mother and the piano. He began taking Piano lessons at age 11, and then at age 12, started on the trombone. He loved music (perhaps not the music instructors) and excelled at both instruments. He also picked up guitar, but dropped it later, only to pick it up again in his teenage years.

    It was at this point, where Gorman moved, from suburban life, to northern WI. (where he currently resides) It was a large transition, and in order to squelch the increasing boredom, he decided to pick up guitar again. Only this time, he thought he might try something in bass clef, so obviously, started on the electric bass (the rest of course, was history) Along with bass, he got involved with some songwriting sessions in alternative to Spanish class, and he started writing to pass the time as well.

    As with all this seemingly poetic life, Gorman also enjoyed entertainment. A big fan of movies, games of all kinds, and general visual stimulation- he over-indulges in concentration. Some of the movies that have inspired him-Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Edward Scissorhands, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, etc, and etc. He also has some video game consoles in which he plays regularly.

   As for now, it's basically just a growth of all his childhood interests, still excelling in science, bass, writing and entertainment, he makes the music that his life has inspired him to create.  See more...