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Wyatt Marsh




Wyatt Raymond Marsh was born September 12, 19?? in Arlington Heights, Ill to Bill and Hillary Marsh.  He lived as an only child with his parents in Wheeling, Ill.  His parents were music lovers from back in the day and his father’s record collection consisted of everything from The Beach Boys to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles to Black Sabbath,  Ted Nugent to Yes and everything in between.  It is because of this that Marsh wanted a guitar.  He started piano lessons instead though.  He moved to Wisconsin when he was seven.  Sports at the time were the biggest part of his life, baseball, soccer, hockey and basketball.  He wanted to become a basketball star, but evidently things haven't worked out like that.  Piano lessons continued but in fifth grade he couldn't take it anymore.  He hasn’t played since but piano gave him the understanding of notes, time signatures, and how to site read music, which gave him a big advantage upon getting an acoustic guitar for his 12th birthday.  He attended guitar lessons for 2 years and played in 2 recitals, playing the epic Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to Heaven” for the last.  His electric guitar came in 7th grade and in 8th grade he formed the band Conspiracy of Three with Remy Myhre(Vocals) and Tyler Blach(Drums and Bass) playing a few gigs but mainly just having fun. Blach and Marsh continued their jam sessions throughout high school and formed RUNE with Will Gorman in March of 2004.  Alex Heil came on board in April as bass player but then switched to rhythm guitar which provided a fuller sound overall and complemented Marsh's soloing quite well.  Marsh also plays guitar for his church which he has enjoyed doing since 7th grade.  He spends his time now playing guitar, listening to music and reading guitar magazines.  Marsh is also one of the main songwriters for RUNE along with that, Marsh also takes care of the recording and producing aspect of the band.  See more...