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Tyler Blach




     Tyler Blach was born June 16th, 19?? In Barrington, Illinois. After only living there for two years of his life, he moved to Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. For a majority of his young childhood, he was very much into sports, baseball, soccer, wrestling and basketball especially. He idolized many greats of basketball and dreamed of becoming a professional in the NBA.
      At the age of twelve, Blach started becoming less interested in sports and started to get more into music. At this time the band U2 was probably his biggest influence in wanting to start his musical career. The instrument he was most fascinated by were the drums, in which he received on his thirteenth birthday.
That same year he also bought himself a bass guitar to expand his musical capabilities. And later on he received a guitar to further expand music ability. The following year Blach started a band with now Rune guitarist Wyatt Marsh known as Conspiracy of Three. The band played a few shows at school-orientated functions giving Blach onstage experience.
      Other than music, Blach is also very influenced by film. At this time he is working on three separate scripts. Irvin's Trip which he hopefully will get them on film in the near future,  Crecimiento de un Muchacho Alegre a un Hombre del Fugitivo, an adaptation of Steinbeck's short story, "Flight," and his pet project, Revival of an Outlaw Samurai. Thats right, it'll be a samurai film. 

       His favorite Films are Seven Samurai, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, Battle Royale, Dead Man, Ed Wood, Big Fish, Yojimbo, The Dark Crystal, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the City of Lost Children. The Filmmakers which have inspired him the most are as follows: Akira Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki, Tim Burton, Sergio Leone, and Kinji Fukasaku.

     All of this film experience, and no room for drumming? Of course not. Blach still manages to find time to lay down a beat and anchor the experimental RUNE'S melodies quite well.  See more...